There are second cases of HIV infection and self-healing in the world.

There are second cases of HIV infection and self-healing in the world.

Recently, exciting news came from the medical field. According to foreign media reports, a woman in Argentina 8 years after HIV infection, almost no treatment, the success of self-healing, and her newborn child also found no HIV virus, and she is the world’s second cases of HIV infection self-healing cases.

Many people may wonder: “does this mean that mankind is finally going to conquer AIDS?” Let’s take a closer look at this video!

There are second cases of HIV infection and self-healing in the world. (source: Netease Health)

What is “clearance cure”?

The woman from Argentina, Esperanza, was diagnosed with HIV infection in 2013. In the following 8 years, she has never had relevant symptoms. She has not received more antiviral treatment except that she received antiviral treatment for 6 months in the middle and late pregnancy from 2019 to 2020 to ensure fetal safety.

Researchers collected and tested more than 1 billion 190 million blood cells and 500 million tissue cells in her body, and no complete HIV sequences were found. This means that her immune system may have cleared the HIV virus bank, that is, she may have achieved the so-called “clearance cure” with the help of only a small amount of drugs.

In August last year, a California woman Loren Wilen Berg was the first self infected person infected with HIV. The same as that of Argentina women, they all belonged to “clear cure”. Compared with two cases of AIDS patients who had been cured by stem cell transplantation, the two patients who achieved self-healing almost without treatment were even more miraculous.

HIV elitism control

This kind of natural selection is called the HIV elitist control by scientists, that is, HIV is positive, and the HIV virus load in the blood can be maintained continuously and undetectable without the use of drugs or stopping the use of drugs. At present, there are nearly 38 million HIV infected people in the world, and these two cases are self-healing, which is no less than the winning lottery.

Although AIDS patients insist on long-term medication, the disease can be controlled to achieve survival. But there are no effective vaccines and cure drugs against AIDS worldwide.

In the face of such a high mortality rate of malignant infectious diseases, we still need to start from the source, clean up, pay attention to prevent, to prevent the occurrence of AIDS. Of course, we also expect more treatments to bring more surprises and hopes to AIDS patients.


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