Pfizer opens anti neocrown generic drugs for low – and middle-income countries! Experts say the vaccine should also be opened

Pfizer opens anti neocrown generic drugs for low – and middle-income countries! Experts say the vaccine should also be opened

Pfizer’s official website released Pfizer will sign a voluntary license agreement against COVID-19’s oral drug candidate PF-07321332 in Geneva in November 16th. According to the agreement, the world’s qualified generic drug manufacturers can produce PF-07321332 drugs to 95 countries, covering about 53% of the world’s population.
The novel coronavirus pneumonia is being developed by researchers all over the world since the outbreak of the global outbreak. It is hoped that it can be taken outside the hospital to relieve symptoms, accelerate recovery and avoid hospitalization. However, the current novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment must be administered intravenously or inject, which is relatively inconvenient.

Earlier this month, novel coronavirus pneumonia clinical trial showed that the risk of hospitalization and death of patients with mild to moderate new crown pneumonia decreased by 89%, Pfizer said, hoping that FDA and other global regulatory agencies would approve the use of PF-07321332.

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In the process of fighting the epidemic, there are great hidden dangers in low – and middle-income countries due to the lack of medical resources. The 95 countries that Pfizer opened the right to use generic drugs this time include all low-income and low-income countries, some middle and high-income countries in sub Saharan Africa, and countries that have transitioned from low-income to middle and high-income status in the past five years. As novel coronavirus pneumonia is still listed as an international public health emergency by who, Pfizer will not receive royalties from low-income countries and will exempt from sale royalties from all countries / territories covered by the agreement.

However, the agreement does not include some large countries that have been devastated by the epidemic. For example, a Brazilian pharmaceutical company can manufacture generic drugs for export to other countries, but the generic drugs cannot be used in Brazil. Others, including Argentina and Thailand, were also excluded from the list. Yuanqiang Hu, senior legal policy adviser of doctors without borders, commented that if you really want to control the epidemic, you need to ensure that everyone has access to effective treatment.

At present, MSD has also opened imitation rights to 105 low – and middle-income countries. In contrast, many new crown vaccine manufacturers around the world refused to open the new crown vaccine formula. According to the associated press, who has set up a center in South Africa to share mRNA vaccine formulations and technologies, which has not attracted any company to participate.

Oxfam Robbie Silverman welcomed Pfizer’s opening of the imitation right, but he said in an interview that at present, less than 1% of Pfizer’s new crown vaccine flows to low-income countries, and billions of people still cannot obtain the company’s new crown vaccine. Pfizer can open the intellectual property rights of drug data and hope not to refuse to provide vaccine patents.

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