India expresses concern about novel coronavirus pneumonia safety in mercad

India expresses concern about novel coronavirus pneumonia safety in mercad

On Wednesday local time, the head of India’s major medical research institutions said that there were “major safety problems” in molnupiravir, the new crown oral drug of MSD, or it would prevent it from joining the country’s virus treatment list. It is reported that molnupiravir, an oral drug of mosadon, eventually prevents virus replication by introducing different mechanisms into genetic material, but it may affect growing human cells.

India expresses concern about novel coronavirus pneumonia safety in mercad

Last week, the Indian drug regulatory agency has granted molnupiravir emergency use authorization to MSD, but Balram Bhargava, director general of ICMR of Indian Medical Research Council, said that the government has not decided whether to recommend molnupiravir.

There are major safety problems with this drug. (this drug) can cause deformity, or cause defects, mutations, or permanent transmissible changes in the structure of cellular genetic material in developing fetuses, cartilage damage, and possibly muscle damage. Contraceptive measures must also be taken for people taking this drug, both men and women, because children born may have teratogenic problems.

In December, molnupiravir obtained the FDA’s emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and drug administration. Not long ago, Pfizer’s new crown oral drug was also approved by the FDA. However, the FDA also said that pregnant women are not recommended to use the new crown drug of methadone.

Previously, the FDA approved the emergency use authorization of mosadon’s new crown drug according to the treatment of 1433 patients. Compared with placebo, the company’s oral anti new crown drug molnupiravir showed a 30% relative risk reduction in the patients participating in the trial.

At the end of November, molnupiravir, a new oral drug of MSD, was supported by the FDA advisory committee, which recommended that FDA grant molnupiravir emergency use authorization. At that time, the FDA advisory committee voted 13 to 10 to support the new crown oral drug of methadone, saying that the benefits outweighed the risks. Members who voted against raised concerns about the safety of drugs, especially for pregnant women.

Bhargava also pointed out that there is no widely accepted new crown drug of methadone in the world:

The who did not include it, and the UK has not included it so far. The current recommendation is that it does not fall within the scope of national treatment.

Bhargava’s criticism of molnupiravir may also involve India’s huge pharmaceutical industry. Indian Health Minister mansukh mandaviya said last week that 13 companies would produce molnupiravir in India for the treatment of adult new crown patients, but only limited to “limited use” in emergencies.

It is reported that on January 4, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Ltd, an Indian pharmaceutical company, announced that it would launch a generic drug of molnupiravir, priced at 35 rupees (US $0.4693) per pill. The company expects to supply pharmacies across India from the beginning of next week.

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